The Swagger Wagon Meets West Coast Customs and Gets a Little More Rock Added to Its Roll

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Toyota, West Coast Customs and Sirius XM have joined forces to transform the family friendly 2015 Toyota Sienna into a DJ-ready Swagger Wagon known as the Sienna: Remix. Don’t miss the full one-hour premiere of the transformation, which will air on December 14th at 7 p.m. PST on Fox Sports 2. Check out the teaser below!

Toyota, West Coast Customs, Sirius XM Tagteam the Swagger Wagon

Toyota Design Fun

“Our team seized onto Toyota’s Swagger Wagon concept to build a DJ minivan that is completely unexpected and sounds like a party ready to start,” said CEO Ryan Friedlinghaus. “As a parent myself, I love the idea of combining fun and music with family life. Modifying this Toyota Sienna really let our team get super creative with sound, light and look.”

From a Sponge Bob-themed 4Runner with an actual fish tank inside to a souped-up, DJ-ready Sienna, Toyota is always looking for new ways to show their innovative and creative designs. At Dick Poe Toyota we are proud to be a part of such a creative family. Let us inspire you by taking a new Toyota, used or Certified used Toyota for a test drive. Make sure you do not miss any of the events or specials going on at Dick Poe Toyota, FOLLOW US on Twitter and LIKE US on Facebook!

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