Kaley Cuoco Represents a New Generation of Toyota Buyers

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kaley cuoco toyotaWith the younger population becoming a larger market of car buyers, Toyota has shifted its focus in some of its advertising to just this group. For those of you that have seen the latest “Wish Granted” series of commercials, you have seen 27-year old Kaley Cuoco and her furry sidekick Chester. If you are in the over 35 age group, you may not recognize Cuoco as “Penny”, the “girl next door” on the television series The Big Bang Theory and a few other television series in the past. For those of you under 35, or those that have grown an affinity to the “beauty meets genius science geeks”, you know she is one of the co-stars of most popular comedy series currently being aired on network television. These new Toyota commercials represent a growing trend for automakers to appeal to the younger buyers.


In the new commercials, Cuoco grants wishes to a family, one involving the Toyota RAV4. Since its inception, the spare tire on the RAV4 has been mounted on the rear cargo door to allow for more interior space. RAV4 owners were asked what was the one thing you would like to see changed about the RAV4 and one of the number one answers was to move the spare tire. Toyota listened to its buyers and found a way to reposition the spare tire under the floor and not compromise the cargo room of the popular SUV. The “Wishes Granted” campaign is a testament that Toyota has a genuine interest in what their customer base wants as well as Toyota’s devotion to building the vehicles their customers are looking for.

2013 toyota RAV4The “Wishes Granted” campaign featuring Cuoco is also targeted toward the growing number of younger buyers that are purchasing Toyotas. The RAV4 has everything that younger consumers are looking for including versatility and room for a growing family. While Cuoco does have sex appeal, it is more of her “home town”, approachable nature that makes her a great spokesperson. With nearly 13 million people tuning in to watch The Big Bang Theory every week, it looks as if Toyota has made a wise choice for an actress that represents the younger generation. Toyota’s fun new commercials help younger buyers to see that Toyota has the vehicles and knowledge to provide them with what they are looking for.

While the new RAV4 with its redesigned components is just one of the vehicles Toyota has debuted recently, it is the one of the changes being marketed to the younger car buyers. While the RAV4 is a great choice for a single person wanting an SUV or a new family, Toyota has many other vehicles that fit what younger people are looking for which is fuel economy, affordability and versatility. The Toyota Matrix, Corolla, Yaris and Prius c all provide a lot of car for not a lot of money and help you save a lot of money on fuel as well. Dick Poe Toyota has a full line of all of these vehicles, as well as both pre-owned and certified-pre owned vehicles. Their knowledgeable staff can help you find the right vehicle to fit you family and your budget. Let Dick Poe Toyota grant your wish for a great new vehicle!

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