Is the ME.WE Concept in Toyota’s Future?

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Toyota ME.WE

Toyota ME.WE Concept

While a partnership between a French architect and Toyota designers sounds a little odd, the two have combined to design one unique vehicle. Jean-Marie Massaud is a renowned French architect who has been recognized for his many visionary design and architecture projects. Since 2011, he has been working with Toyota to create a vehicle that takes into account the current economic, and environmental challenges. While the ME.WE is a concept vehicle, it gives designers the chance to test new technology, allowing them to adjust many of these new components for use in future production models.

toyota me.we

ME.WE interior

Massaud and Toyota determined three primary goals for the ME.WE’s design: pertinence, synthesis and modernity. Pertinence means the design of the vehicle needed to be elastic enough to appeal to a large and diverse group of consumers. The concept of synthesis means the design would be based more on the choices and personal needs of the individual consumer as opposed to designing a vehicle based on market averages. Modernity means the design needed to reflect and exceed the needs of those who want a vehicle that is cost-efficient and environmentally friendly taking the future EPA requirements into consideration. The final product of all these goals is a vehicle that appeals to a modern and more global group of consumers. The “anti-excess” ME.WE represents the future shift of consumers’ choices that will eventually go from “more” to “better”.

toyota iQ concept

Toyota iQ

The ME.WE itself starts with a tubular aluminum structure with polypropylene body panels. The panels can be molded into an endless amount of colors and textures. The ME.WE also offers all the capabilities of a pickup, convertible, 4X4 and small city car all in one vehicle, allowing it to appeal to a wide range of consumers. It is electric-powered and uses the same in-wheel mounted motors and the Toyota i-Road and the same battery pack as the iQ EV. The placement of these systems allow the entire interior to be used for passengers or cargo. The floor as well as many other interior panels are constructed of Bamboo, which offers both a sustainable and attractive product that is very easy to maintain. The instrumentation in the ME.WE is minimal, but its ability to connect with a driver’s smartphone gives it the ability to use all navigation, music and other apps. Even the heating and system is low-energy as it depends more on the electric seat heaters and efficient heat to keep passengers comfortable than a traditional fuel consuming heating and air conditioning system. The video featured below gives you a closer look at the ME.WE.

Click here to see the video! Toyota ME.WE

While the ME.WE may never become a production vehicle identical to the concept, it uses many ideas that are both currently being used and others that have great potential to be used in future vehicles. If you want to get a jump on the future standards for vehicles, Dick Poe Toyota has a great selection of new fuel-efficient and emissions friendly vehicles, including its precedent-setting Prius. If it is time for you to start getting better fuel-economy, stop by Dick Poe Toyota and let one of our great salespeople help you find the perfect vehicle for you!

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