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Toyota STEM initiative

Toyota Grants $1.9 Million to STEM Focused Educational Programs

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This week, Toyota announced that they were giving $1.9 million in grants to educational programs that are STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering, and math, focused. These grants will serve diverse communities all over the U.S. “We know that the future of our society will be built on increasingly sophisticated technological expertise and innovative problem solving,” said […]

Dick Poe Toyota Corolla

The 500,000th Corolla recently rolled off the Toyota Mississippi assembly line

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The Blue Springs Toyota plant in Mississippi is celebrating a huge accomplishment! Not only did the 500,000th Corolla just drive off the line, but thanks to the dedication of their 2,000 hardworking team members, they accomplished this goal faster than any other Toyota plant in the entire United States. “The 500,000th Corolla vehicle is a […]

We’re number 1! We’re number 1! Toyota reigns supreme for the third year in a row!

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Toyota has one commitment and that is to their customers. Toyota is excited to announce that in 2014 more people purchased a Toyota than any other make. The saying goes, “third time’s the charm,” and when you have already taken the top spot in overall global sales for two years in a row, you really […]

Toyota Design Fun

The Swagger Wagon Meets West Coast Customs and Gets a Little More Rock Added to Its Roll

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Toyota, West Coast Customs and Sirius XM have joined forces to transform the family friendly 2015 Toyota Sienna into a DJ-ready Swagger Wagon known as the Sienna: Remix. Don’t miss the full one-hour premiere of the transformation, which will air on December 14th at 7 p.m. PST on Fox Sports 2. Check out the teaser […]

Toyota Technology Driving

The Low Down on Distracted Driving

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As technology continues to advance, more areas of our everyday lives are affected. Apple Inc.’s Siri’s voice command made waves for other companies to pursue voice command technology. Today many of the top automakers are incorporating the Siri voice command system in their model lineups; Toyota has their EnTune system, Chevrolet has MyLink and Ford […]

A Concept with a New Concept

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Toyota unveiled a new type of customizable concept car earlier this month and we’re not just talking different options and trim levels. The new concept, known as the U², is geared toward urban innovators and allows drivers the ability to customize the vehicle depending on their needs. “Toyota saw an opportunity for a new approach […]

Toyota Brand Global Research

Investing in Education

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Toyota is helping make the future bright with grants to support K-12 Science, Technology, Environmental Science and Math (STEM) programs across the country. The Toyota U.S.A. foundation will provide more than $5 million in grants to these programs this year. “At Toyota, we believe that when we provide young people with exciting opportunities in STEM […]

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