An Armored Toyota May Not Be Practical, But it is Definitely Different

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While most people find no practicality in having an armored vehicle, high-ranking government officials, dignitaries and okay, maybe those who fear the zombie apocalypse or other end of the world scenarios, find them to be a necessity. Lexani Motorcars of California has been turning GMC Yukons, Cadillac Escalades, Lincoln Navigators and even Mercedes cargo vans into armor-plated warriors since 1996. Recently, a Toyota Sequoia joined the ranks of being one of Lexani Motorcars armor-clad creations.

toyota sequoia dragquoiaWhile this is not the first customized Sequoia to become a media sensation, it is by far the most unique. For those of you who are Toyota Sequoia fans, last October, Antron Brown created a 650 horsepower “DragQuoia” out of a 2012 Toyota Sequoia for the 2012 Toyota Dream Build Challenge. While he was not the winner, his creation, as well as the other three customized Toyotas proved that even a Prius hybrid is a great candidate for customization. Brown’s “DragQuoia” takes the family-size SUV to a whole new level with a full roll cage, racing seats (including one child racing seat), and a rear-mounted parachute to make sure you can stop when you make that quick trip to drop the kids at school or go to the grocery store.

While Antron Brown took a Sequoia to a new level for charity, Lexani Motorcars created theirblack toyota sequoia customized Sequoia with nothing but luxury and protection in mind. While from the outside it appears to be your typical Sequoia, it is covered in Kevlar, ceramic composites and ballistic steel. The windows are replaced with laminated armor glass and the underbody is armor plated and reinforced as well. Lexani claims that it can withstand an attack from M80 NATO ammunition and the floor is strong enough to withstand the force of twin hand grenades simultaneously detonated. While the vehicle may never be subjected to any of these weapons, it sounds more than adequate to protect its occupants from zombies, uninvited guests, aliens. . .well, you get the idea.

armored sequoiaWhile the exterior of the Lexani Toyota Sequoia is impressive, it is only when you open the door you see the true excess that has been instilled into this “family” SUV. From the state of the art luxury chairs, wine cooler (a dedicated refrigerator, not the ones in the bottle), multiple retractable flat screen TVs and décor that is nicer than a living room in a millionaire’s home, you might have to make up a reason to just hang out in it. The TV cabinets double as dividers and the TVs double as monitors to give you a complete view of anything going on outside your armor-plated castle. While only serious buyers can get a price quote on a new Lexani Motorcars creation, a three-year-old armored SUV is going for around $130K.

armored toyotaarmored toyota sequoia

While the armored and customized Sequoia is nice, they are not for everyone. Actually, they are only for a select few that really need them. While you will not find any armored rolling palaces at Dick Poe Toyota, you will find a great selection of new and used Toyota’s and an expert staff that will treat you like royalty. Stop by today and check out the Sequoia for yourself and see the versatility and spaciousness that makes them a great full-size SUV!

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